How to avoid road traffic collisions?

Rush, signals and junctions:

Rush and traffic jams on the road is a problem which we use to face every day. Even if we know that due to lateness at home we may get entangled in a rush even then we drive rashly. We must keep in mind that we got late due our own reason this is not the fault of others. So due to our negligence why should others face problem. When we eat we always think about the office or Balham airport transfers where we may miss the meeting or plane. This is the very horrible situation and this may cause a fatal accident on the road. It may also cause a threat to the lives of the other people on the road.

Focus deviation:


Mobile phone and loud music are strictly prohibited during driving. It may deviate your attention and you may meet an accident that may be severe. Now a days, in modern cars screens are larger than the requirement which includes navigation, display songs and calls log facility. These things are quite helpful but theses thing are dangerous equally.  When you are driving on the road you need to be more careful about yourself and the other passerby. Some pedestrians are crossing the road and meanwhile, you were looking on the screen, so just in blink any catastrophe can happen and which to deaths. I must recommend you if you have to do some activities in cars during your travelling so you must have a driver or you should call a taxi to pick and on the back seat you can easily perform your activities and you may work on your laptop.

Weather forest and precautionary measures:


This is one of the most important things when are you are off to travelling, either you are travelling for short trip or you are travelling for a long trip you must check the weather forecast. You must have completed your arrangements accordingly. You should also follow the precautionary measures when you are travelling in rain, snow and fog. If you are driving in fog so you must use yellow lights to avoid visibility issues. If you are driving in the blazing sunny day so you must wear sunglasses. If you want to drive in rain, thunder, and snow you must follow the speed limit on the road.

Be fresh and alert:


It has been seen that most of the time traffic accidents are caused by the tiredness and sleepiness. This is good for long travelling that you should have some proper rest before leaving and you should have some food with you, but one thing which you must consider is that you should eat some digestible stuff and avoid over eating during travelling. In long travelling, you stop at rest area keep fresh yourself and then have a safe journey.

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