Taxi Driver to take English language test before licensing

Communication hindrance:


As we know that the English language is the most widely used language in the world. So when we talk about a Balham taxi driver who has to deal with all kind of people from different nationalities and cultures. In the city of London, the driver should be capable of having the basic know-how of the major languages but the English language is used as universally so a driver should take English language test before getting his license. Better communication will eradicate the hindrance of language gap and will provide maximum ease to the client.

Safe driving:


All the sign boards, signal and indicators are written in the English language. Driver must be able to read the signs. This will be better for the safety of the rider and the other people on the road. English language test before the license will be helpful for the driver to save the time of the client as well as the company. There are many emergency signs and sometimes instructions about the road ahead are also displayed on the sign boards for the public safety so if the driver does not read the signs, it can be dangerous. Sometimes precautionary measurements are written about the bad weather and how you safe can yourself this is also for the safety so the driver should be able to read.

English with Maths:

working font

A Tooting airport transfers driver does not need a mastery of the English language, he can just read and write for his own understanding. Maths learning is not compulsory but for simple calculations, he must know the basics of mathematics. He may properly calculate time and funds of the trip. Any wrong calculations may cause embarrassment for him.

License with English:


We cannot set the rule for English learning upon the will of the driver. We need to enforce it for public safety. There should be proper guidelines for the relevant and technical English learning. There should be mock English preparations test for learning. A license should be awarded to the driver he has not passed his English exams. For the sake of license, he will work for English learning and will pass the English evaluation test before he gets his license.



I think there will not be any need for the renewal of the English test because once he learned to speak and write, it will become his routine. On daily bases, he will communicate with riders and will improve his communication day by day. It has been seen that people from different parts of the world with different languages come to London and with the passage of time get to learn the English language for driving and for their safety.

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