Taxi Driver to take English language test before licensing

Communication hindrance:


As we know that the English language is the most widely used language in the world. So when we talk about a Balham taxi driver who has to deal with all kind of people from different nationalities and cultures. In the city of London, the driver should be capable of having the basic know-how of the major languages but the English language is used as universally so a driver should take English language test before getting his license. Better communication will eradicate the hindrance of language gap and will provide maximum ease to the client.

Safe driving:


All the sign boards, signal and indicators are written in the English language. Driver must be able to read the signs. This will be better for the safety of the rider and the other people on the road. English language test before the license will be helpful for the driver to save the time of the client as well as the company. There are many emergency signs and sometimes instructions about the road ahead are also displayed on the sign boards for the public safety so if the driver does not read the signs, it can be dangerous. Sometimes precautionary measurements are written about the bad weather and how you safe can yourself this is also for the safety so the driver should be able to read.

English with Maths:

working font

A Tooting airport transfers driver does not need a mastery of the English language, he can just read and write for his own understanding. Maths learning is not compulsory but for simple calculations, he must know the basics of mathematics. He may properly calculate time and funds of the trip. Any wrong calculations may cause embarrassment for him.

License with English:


We cannot set the rule for English learning upon the will of the driver. We need to enforce it for public safety. There should be proper guidelines for the relevant and technical English learning. There should be mock English preparations test for learning. A license should be awarded to the driver he has not passed his English exams. For the sake of license, he will work for English learning and will pass the English evaluation test before he gets his license.



I think there will not be any need for the renewal of the English test because once he learned to speak and write, it will become his routine. On daily bases, he will communicate with riders and will improve his communication day by day. It has been seen that people from different parts of the world with different languages come to London and with the passage of time get to learn the English language for driving and for their safety.

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How zero Taxi Customer engagement impacts your taxi Business

Customer support services:

Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace

The only way to build long-term relations with customers is to remain to keep in touch with them. There are many methods to widen your circle of relations. Aftersales services are very important to make the clients feel that you are important to us and we shall oblige you in future with our best services. You always speak on the customer side. You should not ask your customers that are problem can’t be solved but you should tell them that is not an issue to worry about, we shall solve your issue on priority. As a customer support representative, you should talk very decently with your clients. In taxi business you know there is a large competition.

Public Relation and Advertisement:


As we know that there is a very strong competition in the Streatham taxi business industry. Every company tries to attract more and more customers. They try to build long term relations with clients by offering more than the other competitors. Public relation department in every organisation is important for creating your long list of contacts. Whenever you launch new services and offers, you immediately send messages to your valuable clients who have already used your services. You also advertise your new campaigns in electronic, print and social media. Some other tools are also used for advertising and attract the most relevant customers like PPC and SEO.



You must notice about the cause of unhappiness of your clients. You should compensate for their grievances. Clients are valuable in a sense that they trust on your services even many others are offering the same services. If you are chosen among all so you must respect them and you should create maximum ease for your clients. After availing your services if your client still unhappy like he may get late because you picked him late. It may happen that your client has lost his luggage eve due to his mistake but you must be apologies to him and you must try to help for searching the lost stuff.

Feedback response:


It can also happen that you are providing outstanding services but your clients still unhappy and give you some suggestion, so you should respect for those suggestions. Maybe what he is suggesting that is more beneficial for your business. There is another technique that if your client gives you a suggestion you should immediately act upon to improve or at least show him that you are doing the same way as you said. This quick response and action will definitely make him please and he will also regard for your services.

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How to avoid road traffic collisions?

Rush, signals and junctions:

Rush and traffic jams on the road is a problem which we use to face every day. Even if we know that due to lateness at home we may get entangled in a rush even then we drive rashly. We must keep in mind that we got late due our own reason this is not the fault of others. So due to our negligence why should others face problem. When we eat we always think about the office or Balham airport transfers where we may miss the meeting or plane. This is the very horrible situation and this may cause a fatal accident on the road. It may also cause a threat to the lives of the other people on the road.

Focus deviation:


Mobile phone and loud music are strictly prohibited during driving. It may deviate your attention and you may meet an accident that may be severe. Now a days, in modern cars screens are larger than the requirement which includes navigation, display songs and calls log facility. These things are quite helpful but theses thing are dangerous equally.  When you are driving on the road you need to be more careful about yourself and the other passerby. Some pedestrians are crossing the road and meanwhile, you were looking on the screen, so just in blink any catastrophe can happen and which to deaths. I must recommend you if you have to do some activities in cars during your travelling so you must have a driver or you should call a taxi to pick and on the back seat you can easily perform your activities and you may work on your laptop.

Weather forest and precautionary measures:


This is one of the most important things when are you are off to travelling, either you are travelling for short trip or you are travelling for a long trip you must check the weather forecast. You must have completed your arrangements accordingly. You should also follow the precautionary measures when you are travelling in rain, snow and fog. If you are driving in fog so you must use yellow lights to avoid visibility issues. If you are driving in the blazing sunny day so you must wear sunglasses. If you want to drive in rain, thunder, and snow you must follow the speed limit on the road.

Be fresh and alert:


It has been seen that most of the time traffic accidents are caused by the tiredness and sleepiness. This is good for long travelling that you should have some proper rest before leaving and you should have some food with you, but one thing which you must consider is that you should eat some digestible stuff and avoid over eating during travelling. In long travelling, you stop at rest area keep fresh yourself and then have a safe journey.

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Information & Advice on Taxis & Private Hire – How to Book the Perfect Cab

Convenience and Comfort:


When you are living in a city like London, you surely know that there are huge hustle and bustle of the city life. You will always be late from your offices, colleges, universities, flights, appointments and events if you just rely on the public Streatham airport transports system. Rail tubes are piled up with people and you will be frustrated and annoyed if someone put his shoes on yours. Same is the condition with double Decker buses in London and you will definitely be suffocated in the rush. So the best solution to get rid of this hustle is to hire a minicab. Minicab is a luxury and will manage your time according to the appointment. It will pick you from your home and drop you at the very same place.

Time saving:


Either you are a visitor or living in London, in both cases you need to save your time because ‘’Time is Money”. You will not stand for even few mints in a Que. To reach the railway station you also have to walk all the way or you take a taxi. When you reach your destination again you need to take a taxi to approach the hotel or hospital. So three times you need to change the mood of conveyance. You can imagine that how much time you will waste in this regard. Isn’t it better to hire a taxi all the way and you could save your precious time?

Private hire:


One thing you confirm before private is that you must verify that the company is registered and has all the certifications. You must check the vehicle health certificate before hiring. It is also better that you should take company’s driver along with the car. It will be a kind of care and security. If anything wrong happens with the vehicle he will be the witness. In private hire, you have the liberty of time and price. You can also move anywhere without any limit.

Mobile Application Facility:


Many of the minicab and taxi services have upgraded to mobile apps. They mention the complete detail about the company profile and terms & conditions of the company. There are many choices in the mobile application like google maps are embedded in the app you find your destination and set your pick up location from anywhere. You can also see the cost of the trip or any surge prices along with the complete trip duration. This method is also safe and you can share your trip location live with your friends. They will wait for you long.

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The challenge of a new Minicabs business models – A London perspective


Rideshare services:

68584788 - ride share freeway sign carpool commuters 3d illustration

One of the main challenge which the new minicab business model is facing from the rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. Their model includes all types of cars and their operation is online. There is no meter reading and bargaining system at all. These above-mentioned ride sharing services are covering the large area of the metropolitan. The main reason for their wider network is that they hire private cars which car not specified for using as a taxi.

Technologically advanced competitors:


Minicab business is facing threats from the latest taxi services because they are using technology at very advanced level. Their model is using mobile apps for their services. This method is very easy for a client to approach taxi other than to call a number and sometimes line busy or sometimes they didn’t fulfil the commitments they said to the clients. The mobile app gives clients the whole detail of the trip regarding location, time and price. The mobile app also gives you already set feedback and rating about the driver. These features are very powerful and effective for the growth of the business. If we talk about the minicabs they are missing all the feature said above.



The scope of minicab is very limited and it covers the very specific area to get clients. They can provide you services if you are living in the same area or you are going to get a ride in the same area. Let’s take an example if minicab has its stations is Tooting, then minicab will give you services in the nearby area. But if we talk about the ride-sharing Uber and Lyft then they are covering the whole city and they are equipped with a large fleet.



Minicab taxi business is best regarding fleet and latest model cars. These cars are on the other hand are expensive and their maintenance is also expensive. You need to be more careful about hiring the drivers. You need to select the expert driver so that they can earn the revenue which you have already spent on the cars but these drivers are also highly paid. But as for the ride share business is a concern, they don’t but their own cars but they get services from the people from the vendors. They don’t need to worry about the maintenance and car of the car. There is no specific budget for the cars to maintain and care.

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